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"You can get down when you’ve memorized your oral presentation."

Ever since she had come to him for help with her problem, he had gone to great lengths to ensure that he had the proper tools to assist her in overcoming her strange addiction.  The source of it all, he had quickly determined, was the small bit of flesh nestled safely between her thighs, her always seemingly swollen, erect clit peeking out from beneath its hood, so he took pains every day to make sure the small, recalcitrant bud was brought to heel.

Some days it was simply a clip, crushing her clit into obedience; other days it was one of many chemical irritants to which he had access, the solutions sending agony down through the hyper-sensitive flesh, corralling it.  Sometimes he would crudely beat it, smashing it with a cane, teaching it its place; other times he would abrade it, rubbing it with sandpaper until it was red and ugly and hurting, unable to act.

Today it was a variation, a combination of the cane and the clip, crushing the small bud and at the same time hurting the flesh around it, making sure it knew its place.  Of course she was required to study through the treatment, as always (when she wasn’t too affected by it, naturally), and to keep her skirt between her teeth so he could watch the progress of his treatment, and to ensure that she didn’t cheat, didn’t allow any unnecessary relief to her rightly tormented flesh.

It was all for her, after all, all to purge her flesh of the lust which threatened to overwhelm it and to focus her mind on her studies, where it should be.  It was, he thought, going exceedingly well, as she had been doing extremely well in school, and had been coming to him multiple times a day for his treatments.

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just punishment for using furniture without permission.

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